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About Us

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Real People
Real Results

There are many events and experiences that have led us to the creation of TestDriving50. 

Initially, it was to support new businesses in the COVID 19 pandemic; by purchasing Aussie made products that resonated with us and promoting them in our own unique way, on social media. 

We then took it a step further by creating a safe place for people to fully test drive their new products and ideas, within our targeted consumer groups.

It's also become a platform to share our thoughts, concerns and research for matters that we believe also affect the wellbeing of our business, social and eco-friendly community. 

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Christine Beattie

Founder, Director

I've always created a space for my ideas to grow, with a view to support others in life and business. I've worked in many areas of industry; from launching new products in news and media, to helping dreams come true in weddings, interiors and real estate.

I lived 20 years abroad as a "trailing spouse" and raising two sons, who were born overseas. During this time in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, England and France, I focussed my attention and skills in raising funds through corporate sponsorship, charities and NGO's, supporting underprivileged communities and local services.  This also gave me precious insight and understanding of socio-economics and cultural awareness.

I'm so looking forward to hearing about YOU, and how we can help get you from test driving your idea, to seeing it vroom!

Monique Lambert

Products & Merchandising

What I love about my job is getting my hands on the good stuff - before the world sees just how special a product or service is. We get to nurture and assist getting your creations to market, through our extensive person to person network in our testing and critiquing phase, then through merchandising opportunities and social media.

I spent years working in promotions and modelling, before I eventually brought my love of food and humanity together. I opened my first of two cafes when I was 20, bringing organic food and beverages to market way ahead of the açai curve. I then followed my dream of working as a flight attendant and was doing what I loved; working in hospitality and travelling the world for almost twenty years.

Whatever your passions, your goals... dream it, do it, love it!

Why TestDriving50?

 Because Age Is A Journey, Not Just A Number ...

And We're Not There Yet!

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