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Dream It.

Do It.

Love It.


We put the VROOM back into your business
We're all about test driving your new product!
Is it really viable?
Will anyone buy it?
How much will they pay for it?
Will people love it like you do?

We run customised focus groups to validate your product or concept

to find out what customers really want.

Get valuable, unbiased consumer feedback and detailed survey results before you

over-invest in production, branding and marketing costs.

Whether it's shiny new or maybe just stalling a little,

it's our goal to jump start your creation into a profitable business.

Let's take it for a spin and find out, shall we?


What they're saying about us

"Need help with product or concept validation? Reach out to Christine and Monique at

They specialize in targeted surveys and focus groups so you can get to know what your potential customers are really wanting. They're fun to work with, fast at delivering results and affordable for early stage businesses. Highly recommend! "

Maree Kenny


The Profile Laundry


At Test Driving 50, we don't just rely on the number of "hits" or "likes" to prove you have a viable, sellable product: we put your merchandise directly into the hands of your potential consumers to get an honest, unbiased and detailed report of what they think, how much they'd pay for it and how it compares with your competitors.

We all know that social media can be the key to reaching the masses, but here's the thing; if we're not selling a product, concept or service that people want to buy, then how can we succeed?

Before you spend (and potentially lose) time and money on product design, branding and advertising, let's make sure you get all the basics right, from the get go.

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Support Groups

Focus Groups

"A group of people assembled to participate in a discussion about a product, and provide essential feedback, before it is launched".

And then there's the TestDriving50 way ....

Test driving your products with us means you're in safe hands.

Working with our targeted consumer groups is a fast, thorough and cost effective way of knowing if your product will sell - or not.

How Does It Work?


We start with an initial consultation to discuss your business and your product in detail. We learn everything we can to ensure our complete understanding of your product, enabling us to identify your target market and customise your focus group.

Our events are held in various venues*, according to the size and nature of the review. We make it a fun, professional and informative event, starting with a detailed introduction of your product, followed by a Q & A session. We also recommend that, where relevant, you provide samples for participants to test drive over a period of time (generally 7-14 days). All participants are required to complete a detailed online survey following their focus group session (or trial period).

Contact us directly for our full scope of works. 

*Our focus groups adhere to COVID regulations.

Meet The Maker 

Our personalised focus groups are such a great way for your consumers to get to know you better, in our "Meet the Maker" sessions. Making that connection and telling the story behind the brand, creates customer loyalty and boosts your credibility and product awareness.  You have the opportunity to be present in person, or via Zoom - the choice is yours. 

What You Get From Us


Once our surveys are complete, you will have valuable data and feedback on these vital areas of your business :

  • Product strengths & weaknesses 

  • Competitors

  • Pricing

  • Branding & Presentation 

  • Functionality 

  • Positioning

  • Packaging

  • And more...

Depending on the scope of your project, fully test driving your product can generally take anywhere between between 3-6 weeks. 

Customised "Super Saver Packages" start from as little as $895.00


“Christine and Monique from TD50 are really something else. If you are running a small business and are in need of a spark, direction and propulsion into the market, then I without a doubt, most definitely recommend these great women. They are passionate, professional and creative in their approach and are a pleasure and a joy to work with. Five stars!”

Bryson Mulholland, Sadhu Aromatherapy

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