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BJ's PJ's

We are thrilled to be Brand Ambassadors for Belinda Jane, creator of BJ's PJ's. 

Inspiring women to feel more confident in their BJ's, Belinda has created the perfect lounge wear in the finest quality cotton, Australian made, all classic designs to maximise comfort and provide you with support where you need it. 

Belinda has used the finest quality cotton with 4-way stretch to accommodate all shapes and sizes, allow freedom of movement, with a quality built-in bust support to keep the girls firmly in place to reduce the bounce!

BJ's PJ's fabrics, primarily organic, have no harmful chemicals, dyes or toxins. They are soft, smooth and feel fantastic on your skin and can be worn by those with skin sensitivities.   

Belinda has consciously produced a garment of the highest quality, not just for comfort, but also for longevity. Like us, Belinda is not a fan of fast fashion, unnecessary landfill and waste. BJ's PJ's, if cared for properly, will last for many seasons and the classic styles won’t fade either. 

Always be sure to quote TD50 when purchasing directly from their website, to take advantage of our current special offers.

Bjs Pjs

“Christine and Monique from TD50 are really something else. If you are running a small business and are in need of a spark, direction and propulsion into the market, then I without a doubt, most definitely recommend these great women. They are passionate, professional and creative in their approach and are a pleasure and a joy to work with. Five stars!”

Bryson Mulholland, Sadhu Aromatherapy


We are proud to be Brand Ambassadors for Sadhu Aromatherapy.


Sadhu was founded in Melbourne in 2005 by Naturopath Bryson Mulholland. Sadhu’s origins go back to the 1990’s, when Bryson worked on a medicinal herb farm, producing herbal tinctures used in his therapeutic balms, creams and oils. It was from these humble beginnings, that Bryson was inspired to create his own organic skincare range.
Sadhu sources 100% natural and certified organic ingredients in its skincare products. Each product is designed to deliver maximum skin nutrition and protection, supporting cell health and skin tone. We consistently work to improve and perfect our skincare formulas, resulting in our exciting and innovative new range.


Always be sure to quote TD50 when purchasing directly from their website, to take advantage of our current special offers..

We are very proud to be able to promote such a beautiful and gifted ceramicist such as Sol.

Sol is a Sydney based ceramic artist. She has lived in several countries around the world, which have all influenced her in many different ways. Trained as a professional photographer and translator, she first started pottery 10 years ago and since then, she has attended different workshops around the world. She currently has an Artist’s Residency at Gallery Lane Cove where she also teaches ceramics to adults and children. Sol has explored with different forms of art and craft throughout the years and has always been keen to try something new.

The feel and look of these handmade, every day pieces like cups and bowls, enhances the experience when you drink or eat out of them. There is also the sculptural side to this versatile medium, which has allowed Sol to run wild with imagination and creativity. 

As a special gift to Test Driving 50 customers, Sol is offering a10% discount on all her fabulous pieces. Just quote TD50 when you purchase directly from Sol.


I love... the energy and passion of the ladies @testdriving50
Christine and Monique fell in love with my pottery and personally introduced me to new potential clients, who are exactly the group I was hoping to reach.
They are great at that! 
Thank you beautiful ladies, and continue showing us what you love.

Soledad Contardo, Sol Ceramics

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