• Christine Beattie

Get Smart & Go Retro Toolbox

For those of you, like me, who wouldn't mind taking a break from your smartphone and see what life used to be like "in my day" .... here's my set of devices to keep me connected during my DriPhone July:

Telstra ZTE Flip Phone $120

Apple iPod Nano - bought secondhand from FB Marketplace $100

Canon pocket camera - $140

Compendium with calendar, notes, pen and card compartments, from Kikki K $80

(prices approximate)

Here are my self imposed Rules and Guidelines:

Leave the iPhone at home at all times. (used in case of emergency only)

The iPhone remains connected with "call forwarding" diverted to Telstra Flip Phone

Laptop to be main source of communication, social media, apps, phone downloads, etc.

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