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This starts with a free consultation to discuss your why, who and what, so we can determine the viability of what you're offering. 

Together, we determine the best market strategy to suit your goals, timeline and budget - and then invite you to chose from one of our packages, or customise our service for a perfect fit.

Your goals become our goals!


We all know that social media is the key to reaching the masses, but here's the thing;  if we're not selling a product or service that people want to buy, then it's time to rethink our strategy.  Before you spend time and money on branding and advertising, let's make sure you get it right, from the get go. 

At Test Driving 50, we don't just rely on the number of "hits" or "likes" to prove we have a viable product. We put it directly into the hands of your consumer market to get an honest and detailed report of what's working, what's not, and what we then do about it. 

Above all, we're here to steer you through the whole process and make sure the wheels don't fall off your creation before it hits the road.


Test driving your products is our way of getting up close and personal with both your product, and your consumer group. 

Our personalised focus groups are a great way for your consumers to get to know you in our "Meet the Maker" sessions, and where they get hands on with your product  We make it a fun, memorable event with samples and giveaways. The testing phase varies per product, and can be just covered in one session, or over a longer time frame. Most importantly, each participant is required to complete our customised survey for your maximum feedback.

Once our surveys are complete, you will have valuable feedback on:

  • Product strengths & weaknesses 

  • Competitors

  • Pricing

  • Branding & Presentation 

  • Functionality 

  • Positioning

  • Packaging

  • And more...

Depending on the scope of your project, fully test driving your product can generally take anywhere between between 3-6 weeks. 

When it comes to your business strategy, this information is invaluable, as you will learn where to put your time, your efforts and your money ahead of the marketing phase, thereby avoiding costly mistakes! 

Current Introductory Price starts at $995.00

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